This is a series of bite-sized videos, where Howard talks about the advice he typically provides to clients, on his specialist areas advising law firms and family businesses. In this first video of the series, Howard talks about the 3 methods of profit sharing, for partners in professional practices:

Howard goes on to talk about the guiding principles he uses when advising clients on succession planning:

Family investment is Howard’s next topic, in particular the typical share holding in an FIC:

Generally when clients ask what their company is worth, unfortunately the answer is usually not as much as they think or hope it is! Howard explains why, and goes on to explain the methods he uses to guide clients on the best ways of ascertaining a realistic value:

‘What is my law firm worth’ is a question Howard is often asked, and in this video he looks at the complexities involved in answering this question:

Next, Howard talks about the very finely balanced decision for law firms, on whether to operate as a limited company or LLP, particularly when considering this in the light of succession planning:

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