Special Projects

As well as focusing on helping family businesses and law firms and professional practices, Howard also undertakes Special Project work. He provides an holistic non-departmentalised approach, providing advice in the round – tax, corporate finance, financial and wealth planning, succession planning, structuring and the softer skills to make it happen.

In this first case study, Howard deals with a law firm wishing to cater for new and retiring partners, to provide a long term sustainable practice:

In this next video Howard discusses succession planning for a family run property development and investment company:

This case focuses on dispute resolution, this time between siblings who had been at war for the last ten years:

Case Studies

In the first Vlog of the Case Studies series, Howard explores the difficulties of overcoming sibling rivalry which have prevented the realisation of a life changing transaction. While the focus of the legal dispute between the siblings was crystalised in a perceived minor slight, the real issues went back to childhood and the fact that neither wanted to join the family business and felt forced into it by their parents:

Issues affecting commercial decision making are discussed in this Vlog. In particular, an underlying family issue associated with a complex private life:

In this Vlog Howard explores issues facing family businesses when instructing lawyers to implement an agreed succession plan. The lawyers involved rightly identified a potential conflict of interest but the method of delivery of the issue jeopardised the deal:

Next Howard gives a typical example of why only 30% of family businesses make it to the second generation as a result of sibling rivalry. The brothers inability to communicate sensibly resulted in a forced sale of the business:

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