The members of Mosaic Legal are joining together for Virtual Coffee Breaks to discuss issues facing law firms during the coronavirus pandemic. You can join our conversations below, starting with the most recent.

A follow up to our earlier session with Amy Bell of Teal Compliance, Part 2 of our chat focuses on culture and the impact it can have on compliance in law firms:

We were pleased to be joined by Amy Bell of Teal Compliance who shares her views and a look ahead at compliance for law firms. Here’s Part 1:

We’re continuing our discussion with Simon McCrum, this time on the topic of partner rewards and appraisal – do join us!

During this virtual coffee break we were delighted to be joined by Simon McCrum who shared the benefit of his experience and why law firms should stop chasing shiny!

We continue our chat with Ann Harrison and today we cover price transparency and AML for solicitors. Do join us!

Join today’s discussion and hear from Ann Harrison about training future solicitors:

Today our discussion centres around our views on the economic outlook for law firms – do join us:

Law firm disputes is today’s topic and in particular we discuss the types of issues we have dealt with recently:

We continue our discussion on the upcoming PII renewals, with Jenny Screech of Howden Group. Do get in touch with your experiences and views:

Today we are pleased to be joined by Jenny Screech of Howden Group, to chat to us about the hot topic of PII renewals this autumn:

Here’s Part 2 of our chat with Andy Harris of Hazlewoods, this time on the restructuring of law firms post the budget:

Andy Harris of Hazlewoods joins us to discuss the LMS Benchmarking Survey and the trends seen over the years:

We continue our discussion about what’s currently going on in law firms, including EOT’s, the LLP v Limited Company argument, the sale market and the informal sharing of support within the sector:

What kinds of projects are we all working on? What’s happening in law firms at the moment? Join our chat over coffee to find out:

We continue our chat with Nicola Jones of Athena Professional, who talks to us about the psychology of leading a team:

What are our predictions for 2021? Today we share our thoughts, some serious and some ‘off the wall’:

In today’s video we chat with Nicola Jones of Athena Professional about changes within the legal sector. In particular Nicola talks to us about advising by video:

Here we welcome Bob Spence back for virtual coffee. Bob shares his tips on how to get the most out of Zoom – essential watching for everybody:

We met again with Chris Marston today, Chief Executive of LawNet, to chat about collaboration and the new working normal, you can join us here:

Today we are joined by Chris Marston, Chief Executive at LawNet, for a discussion on management and current finances:

Welcome back to Bob Spence, for part 2 of our chat about all things virtual marketing for law firms. We are finding Bob’s insights so useful that we plan to invite him back for part 3 – coming soon:

For today’s coffee break we welcomed Bob Spence for a chat about all things virtual marketing for law firms, to be continued in Part 2!

We continue our chat with David Baskerville on all things IT for law firms:

David Baskerville joins us for Part 1 of our conversation about IT for law firms:

Here’s Part 2 of our conversation with Tom Blandford, on law firms and WIP:

Today we were joined by Tom Blandford of Armstrong Watson. Join our discussion on M&A activity and the value of law firms:

As promised here is Part 2 of our conversation with Paul Bennett on regulation for law firms:

This is the third and final part in our series of chats with Sara Hutton. We discuss all things banking for law firms:

Here we chat with Paul Bennett about all things regulation for law firms. Part 2 of our discussions is coming soon:

Today we are pleased to continue our discussions with Sara Hutton on all things banking for law firms – here is Part 2 as promised:

Outsourcing in the ‘new normal’ was today’s topic – do join us:

Here we chat with Sara Hutton about all things banking for law firms. Watch out for Part 2 coming soon:

Today we share our thoughts on the idea of a flexible workforce and the benefits and challenges it could bring to law firms:

In this clip we discuss matters affecting re-opening – how a return to offices might take place, the measures in place for meeting clients and the likely impact on the property market for offices:

Today’s topic was cash flow for law firms, just click below to join us:

Today we had a 10 minute chat on how the virus may affect marketing for law firms:

Here’s part 2 of our conversation on Employee Ownership Trusts and how they can be used to create buyers for law firms:

What are our marketing observations for law firms?

Today we begin our conversation about Employee Ownership Trusts and how they can be used to create buyers for law firms – join us and also look out for part 2!

A further chat about 1907 Limited Liability Partnerships, FICs, trusts and unlimited companies kept us busy during today’s virtual coffee break:

Today we muse on Family Investment Companies and Family Investment Partnerships as an alternative to Trusts. We also look at the Limited Partnership Act 1907 and drafting a new LLP Agreement for a client:

In our next virtual coffee break, we discuss the economic impact of the lockdown:

Today we discussed how the lockdown is affecting us personally:

Pricing was the topic for this virtual coffee break, in particular how law firms should sensitively handle the issue of urgent work:

What can law firms do to keep the cash flowing? Here are our thoughts:

Partnership disputes may have a tendency to escalate during a time of crisis – we consider what law firms should and shouldn’t be doing now:

The first relates to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme:

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