Special Projects

Much of what we do is project based and has an element of project management. There are many projects that a business may need assistance with and as a result we cannot identify them all here; however some recent examples have included:

  • Transfer of company property into a series of SIPPs for the benefit of the shareholding directors
  • Attendance at director and partner management meetings to provide an external perspective
  • Interviewing and appraisal of applicants for senior management appointments
  • Devising capital structures for professional partnerships
  • Devising profit sharing and reward structures
  • Considering and advising on what may be a management and organisational structure appropriate to the business
  • Where accounting systems are dysfunctional, recommending and implementing solutions both at the systems and people levels

Howard has recorded a series of videos giving examples of the types of special projects he is involved with. Here is the first video, please click here to view the rest of the series.