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Howard Howard Hackney LLP is a new generation advisory practice of Chartered Accountants focused on identifying the issues and problems faced by privately owned and family businesses, high net worth individuals and professional practices. We work with our clients to provide and implement practical solutions to the issues they face.

What makes us different is that we are creative and imaginative and consider the client in the round (company, management, shareholders and individuals) from the perspective of a number of disciplines (corporate finance, tax, financial planning, strategic planning, business advice and softer skills) to help clients achieve their objectives – often objectives they would not achieve without our help.

About Howard Hackney

In 2008 Howard escaped from Grant Thornton UK LLP, where he had been a partner for over 25 years, to establish his own boutique practice.

During his time at Grant Thornton he had a variety of roles although his first love has always been client service where he feels he can really “make a difference”. He has been based in Liverpool and Warrington in the North West of England for most of his career. He joined Grant Thornton in Liverpool in 1974 before moving to London for 3 years. He returned to the North West to lead the acquisition and integration of a practice in Warrington and was the managing partner of that office for 10 years before returning to his native Liverpool in 1992.

He was a member of the firm’s partner selection panel for 8 years, was the North West Regional Marketing partner for 10 years and during his last 4 years at Grant Thornton he led the Special Projects team in Liverpool office during a period of double digit compound growth. He was Head of Family Business nationally from 2006 until his escape.

In 2002 he won the CBI’s national award as “Best Business Adviser” having been short listed in 2001. He is a regular contributor to both the broadcast and print media and speaks regular at seminars and conferences.

To contact Howard directly call him on 07968 059 363 or email


Article – Where there is a will there is a way

All too often the headlines we read about are from people who have died without a will, and sadly, whilst in many cases they would have preferred to have left their affairs in order, the result is far from their ideal.

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Article – Succession can create a difficult conversation, but it doesn’t have to…

Preparing to pass the business to the next generation is often seen as one of the biggest challenges facing the family business, resulting in changes both for the family and the business.

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Article – Creating an internal market for shares in the family business

As family businesses pass through the generations there is a tendency for the shareholding to become more dispersed as more family members own shares in the business.

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Article – Back from holiday, seconds out – don’t let conflict hit the family firm!

Family firms are built upon relationships and clearly when you work with your nearest and dearest there is a tendency not to draw the line between business and family life. Managing boundaries in the board room is clearly essential if you want to reduce the risk of disputes that could escalate out of control so that you are not one of the 70% of family firms who fail to survive to the second generation.

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Article –  Surviving the generations

Family businesses are the backbone to the UK economy but few survive to the 3rd generation – Howard Hackney considers why, how to avoid being one of the statistics and what is the advisers’ role.

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Podcasts – Surviving the generations

This is an initial series of podcasts and accompanying materials which can either be downloaded or played direct from the website on what is perhaps the single most important issues facing a family business – survival.


Training – Advising the family business

Advising a family business can be unique. Not only do you have to consider the usual business issues but there are often special considerations and ‘family’ issues to factor in. This full day workshop will examine the key considerations when advising a family business using case studies to examine the issues. It will be run in a workshop environment allowing experienced professionals to share their own experiences, the challenges faced and the solutions available.


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