Approach to Fees

Fees are based fundamentally on the time necessarily incurred on a clients’ affairs and this is often the way we will charge especially when a particular assignment cannot be budgeted, e.g., the negotiation stage of a sale or purchase. However just as often it will be possible to budget the cost based upon our knowledge of what is involved, e.g., the preparation of an Information Memorandum (IM) for a disposal. In such cases we will provide a fixed price or capped quote.

The service we provide is one of quality aimed at meeting our clients’ needs and we expect the fee to be commensurate with that approach as we believe we are relatively unique. We do not compete on price. We do however recognise the need for value for money and we are convinced that from a long term perspective our fees provide just that.

We do not work on a wholly contingent basis believing that such an approach is not conducive to the independence of mind that a client should seek from their advisers. We are however in certain limited circumstance prepared to consider an element by way of a performance related fee.

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